What is special about the landscapes that are called the most Italian: Veduta and Capriccio
History did not preserve the name of the tourist that the first one wanted to take away from Italy a picturesque "postcard" in memory of the trip and thereby laid…

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Creativity for the Mentally Ill: A Book That Changed History
Sometimes you can hear such a statement that in order to create a masterpiece, you must be either a genius or a madman. Tarragon - the hero of the play…

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Ciphers, signs and self-portraits: How artists of the past signed their paintings
Not every masterpiece of painting contains the signature of the artist. There were reasons for this, both at the dawn of the Renaissance and in the modern era; they are…

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Why does music influence our emotions so much

In an article from the series “Ask, Answer,” designed to quench reader’s curiosity, BBC Future journalist explores the impact of music on people’s emotional state.

“Why does music have a direct effect on our emotions? What is the evolutionary meaning of this phenomenon?”, Asks Philip Lörish, who sent us his question by e-mail.

Each person experienced the emotional power of music, which sometimes literally takes us for the soul.

We can get into a state of euphoria from driving music in some rock club, and while listening to a romantic ballad, we can experience the deep longing of unrequited love … Continue reading


Cityscape is a genre of fine art in which the main subject of the image are city streets and buildings.
In European art, the cityscape, as a separate genre of painting, appeared in the XVI century, thanks to the proto-vedutes of Paul Bril from Antwerp.
In the XVII century in Holland, the cityscape became widespread and became one of the favorite themes of Dutch artists.
In Italy in the XVIII century became very popular Veduta-a kind of cityscape. The most famous master of this genre was the artist Giovanni Antonio Canaletto. Along with Veduta, in the XVII-XVIII centuries, another kind of urban landscape was popular – Capriccio, which depicted architectural fantasies, mainly the ruins of fictional ancient buildings.
The heyday and new development of the painting genre cityscape marked the development of open-air landscape associated with the invention in the XIX century, the method of production of tube paints. Continue reading

How to record music
Why might you need to record music, song, voice, sound in good quality at home? The reasons can be fundamentally different, from a simple desire to perpetuate a memorable event…


Secrets of the Four Seasons
This year marks almost 430 years since the death of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian artist known for his original portraits of fruits, vegetables, flowers and fish. Giuseppe so skillfully portrayed…


10 contemporary blind artists who surprised the world with their art
It will not be a revelation to anyone that painting is an exclusively visual form of art, therefore the phrase “blind artist” itself sounds like nonsense. But in fact, there…